Showers Galore!

In the past few months, I have thrown 3 baby showers and 1 bridal shower! I love throwing showers so this was fun for me. I think I love the planning & prepping stages even more than I love the actual shower itself!

Two women at my church were both expecting girls, so I threw them back-to-back showers. One on Monday evening and one on Tuesday evening! It was a lot of fun because it was really just a great excuse for all the women of my church to get together, chat, play games, and eat good food! I had both of the showers be potluck style and it worked out great! We had lots of yummy food both nights and I took care of the decorations, games, & prizes.

Baby Bumps

On Monday night I threw Kathryn’s shower. (She just had a baby girl named Ahlora). Her colors were pink and green, with a baby animals theme.


Kathryn's Family

A friend of mine from our church was a HUGE help to me for this shower…she made fantastic cupcakes that looked like ice cream cones, made a diaper cake, took maternity photos of Kathryn and brought a poster-board to the shower with the maternity photos arranged on it so that we could all write notes of congratulations on it!




During the shower, we played a few fun games. We did a “paper game” where the guests had to write the correct baby name for each animal (example: Goose – Gosling, Goat – Kid, Seal – Pup, etc.) I always do one paper game at each shower, because they are easy and everyone can participate at the same time, which is important if there are a lot of guests. (There are some super fun activity games, like finding tiny baby pins in rice while blindfolded, but when each person has to go individually it can take a long time).

During the shower, we also did the “baby pin” game where each person starts out with one pin on their shirt and you can’t say the word “baby” or your pin gets claimed by whomever catches you saying the forbidden word.

After the baby animals paper game, each guest had 5 minutes to sculpt their best baby out of PlayDoh. That was so much fun, and the creative babies that were molded were awesome! Kathryn got to pick her favorite baby and the sculptor of that baby won a prize.

PlayDoh Babies




One other game that we played at Kathryn’s shower was the “Guess the Baby Food” game, where guests pass around 6 jars of baby food and they have to write down their guesses as to what kind of baby foods they are. They can smell, taste, touch…whatever they want to do to determine what’s in the jars! This is always a fun game! πŸ™‚

Baby Food

Here are some more pictures of the games, and the prize bags. I put the prizes in pretty tote bags so that the bag is a reusable prize in itself.



Prize Bags

After the games, Kathryn opened her gifts and enjoyed herself. Overall it was a very fun evening! πŸ™‚


On Tuesday night I did Meg’s shower. (She just had a little girl named Lorelai). Her baby colors were bright pink, teal, and bright yellow, so I went with that theme.

Again, we had a delicious potluck, fun games, and lots of gifts. We also did the baby pin game again, where guests couldn’t say the word “baby.”

We played the game where each guest has to tear off a length of toilet paper that they think represents how big the mother-to-be’s tummy is, and whomever is the closest wins a prize. This is a game that made everyone laugh as Meg walked around getting measured!

Toilet Paper

We also had a baby-sock-folding-championship! I had a bunch of little baby socks all mixed up on the table, and two people at a time would sit at the table and have 15 seconds to match up as many pairs of baby socks as they could! This continued until everyone had faced-off, then the winners from each round went up against each other until there was one champion! πŸ™‚


Baby Socks

The third game that we played was another PlayDoh sculpting game, but Meg wanted everyone to sculpt baby elephants. Let the molding begin!



Baby Elephants

After games, Meg opened her gifts and we all had some more nice hang-out time together.



So…those were the first 2 showers that I threw this summer. I think I will cut this post off here and make new posts about the other showers, because this post is long enough already!
I hope you enjoyed seeing these baby showers, because I sure had a ton o’ fun throwing them!



September 10, 2013. Food, Parties.

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