Jack’s 3rd Birthday Party – Pirate Edition!

Well, Jack’s 3rd birthday was last November…and it’s now almost November again and time for his 4th birthday…and I’m just now putting up a post about his 3rd birthday pirate party. Blog FAIL 😉

But better late than never, right?!?

I was pretty proud of how Jack’s pirate party turned out, and so was my little pirate captain. All of the guests had a scallywaggin’ great time, and the kids got to engage in fun activities, like walking the plank, decorating treasure chests, and digging for treasure.

I rented a large meeting room and basically turned the room into a pirate zone. I went to Dollar Tree and got one of those giant-sized coloring books about pirates and I colored a bunch of pirate pictures, cut them out, and hung them on the wall for decoration. The I left other pirate coloring books and crayons out for the kids to color too. Other décor included a jolly roger flag, pirate birthday banners, a pirate tent for the kids to play in, and random other pirate-y things!

As far as the food went, I made lots of pirate grub. Each dish was labeled with a pirate-y name to make the party more authentic.

I put a big “X” on the floor where people entered, so they knew that they had come to the right spot:


Some kids even came dressed up for the occasion!

Z Pirate

I’ll show you the food & treats that I made for the party:

I made pirate flag cupcakes, a pirate ship cake (with Playmobil pirates manning the ship), and matey cookie pops. There were also chocolate gold coins scattered on the table.

Pirate Flag Cupcakes

Pirate Ship Cake

Matey Cookie Pops

Dessert Table

To be completely honest, the pirate ship cake fell apart as soon as we started cutting it! I followed instructions from a website to shape the cake, but since it was mostly held together by frosting, it wasn’t too sturdy. At least I got a good picture of it before it became a crumbly mess…and even though it didn’t look pretty after it was cut, it sure tasted good! 🙂

Here are some pictures of the pirate food that I made. I came up with cute names for each dish, and a few months ago I was checking out my friend’s blog post on a pirate party that she did (she named her pirate food too) and she had even more cute names that I didn’t think of. After the pictures, you’ll find a complete list of her & my food names.

Here’s an overall view of the food table:

Food Table

Some close-ups…










Here’s a list of the food that I made:

Taquitos – “Peg Legs”
Cheeto Balls – “Cannon Balls”
Hershey’s Kisses – “Mermaid Kisses”
Goldfish Crackers – “Catch of the Day”
Lil’ Smokies – “Dead Man’s Fingers”
Fruit Kabobs – “Fruit Swords”
Chicken Wings – “Grilled Parrot”
Blowpops – “Matey Suckers”
Orange Pepper on Hummus – made into an octopus
Juice in a big dispenser – “Pirate Grog”
Gummi Sharks – “Shark Bait”
Skinny Pretzels – “Salty Bones”
Ring Pops – “Gleaming Booty”
Gold-Wrapped Chocolates – “Treasure”
Chips & Salsa/Dip – “Ships ‘n Dip”
Deviled Egg “Sailboats”
Green Salad – “Seaweed Salad”
Meat & Olives on toothpick swords – “Sword Kabobs”
Veggie Tray with Ranch
Pasta Salad
Personalized Water Bottle Labels

Here are some more Pirate Food Ideas (from my friend’s blog):

Cheddar Cheese Cubes – “Pirate Gold”
Ritz Crackers – “Polly’s Crackers”
Black Olives in toothpicks – “Cannon Balls”
Fruit on a skewer – “Crowned Jewels”
Punch – “Pirate Punch”
Bowl of Tortilla Chips mixed with Goldfish Crackers – “Fish & Chips”
Bowl of the bagged popcorn called “Pirate’s Booty”
Gummy Worms – “Sea Snakes”

As you can see, it’s a lot of fun making pirate-inspired food! haha 🙂

All of the little pirates that were at the party got their very own “treasure chest” that I made out of strawberry containers. I saved up the plastic strawberry containers all summer and painted them black. Then I wrote each pirate’s name on them with a white paint pen, and drew a skull & crossbones. When the kids got to the party I had stick-on jewels that they could use to decorate their treasure chest with. Then each child had to take their decorated treasure chest, walk the plank to the treasure dig area, and then dig for treasure to put into their treasure chests. The kids got to take their filled treasure chests home with them as a party favor.

For the “treasure dig” I got 4 buckets/bowls of clean sand and buried all sorts of fun things in each one. Some of the items I buried were Mardi Gras necklaces, small plastic toys, plastic gold coins, mini canisters of Play-Doh, bouncy balls, etc.

Here are the kids decorating their treasure chests:

Decorating Chests



 Walking the Plank:



Digging for Treasure:

Treasure Dig




Another activity that I had at the party was fun for the children and the adults alike! I had a photo area with props. I brought tons of pirate props (hats, swords, parrots, eye-patches, etc.) and set up a background of fabric and “creepy cloth” and had everyone get their pictures taken.

Here’s the background:


And here are some of the fun pictures that people took!




Here’s Jack blowing out his 3 birthday candles!

3 Candles

Another major part of a party, of course, is the present-opening! Jack loved that part and he had lots of nice presents to open.




Overall the party was a huge success. I had tons of balloons floating all over the room for the kids to play with, everyone ate lots of food, Jack got spoiled, and the kids all got to leave with lots of goodies. On top of the treasure chests, they each got a goodie bag, a bag of chocolate gold coins, pirate blowers, and pirate jewelry! 🙂

For the Kiddos



I hoped you enjoyed seeing our Pirate Party…stay tuned for a Lego/Ninja/Ninjago themed party coming up in 2 months! 😉


September 10, 2013. Food, Jack, Parties.

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