20 Pins I’ve {actually} done!

Everyone who has a Pinterest account probably knows what I’m talking about when I say that I pin a TON of pins…and they sit there for a looooong time and I never actually do them. That’s not what I want to happen, and that’s not what I intended to have happen when I started fiddling around on Pinterest…but it’s so easy to click a button and pin all of the cute, fun stuff that you like, and it’s not always so easy to keep up with them.

To curb this problem, some friends and I have committed ourselves to a 52-week Pinterest challenge. We are to complete one of our pins per week, for a year. The pin can be as easy or complicated as you like, so long as you get it from Pinterest and actually try to accomplish it. You can make a craft, try a new recipe, try out a new cleaning tip or a hairstyle that you’ve found…whatever you want. Then we keep each other accountable by posting our weekly pin attempt on a group facebook page, or on our personal blogs. Sounds like a brilliant idea, right?? I’m so excited, because there are some pins I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and this will finally make me step up and do them! 🙂

Since I will be posting my weekly pins here on my blog, I wanted to first make a general post for all of the pins I’ve already done, before I start on this Pinterest challenge. Just to keep a running tally for myself! 🙂

Pin #1: Family Newsletter

I made a “summer edition” and mailed it to family and friends!

Family Newsletter


Pin #2: Smoothie Packets

I made these pre-measured smoothie packs to throw in the blender whenever I wanted to make a smoothie! The frozen stuff in the muffin pan is yogurt!

Smoothie Packs


Pin #3: DIY Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

I LOVE B&B Surf Spray, because it makes my hair look like I’ve been tumbling around in the ocean and came out with perfect mermaid waves…but to buy the actual product is expensive! So when I saw this pin, I just knew that I had to try it, and it works perfectly!

Bumble & Bumble


Pin #4: Felt Dahlia Pins

These take about an hour each, because there are a lot of little petals to make…but they turn out super cute! You can pin them to your clothes, backpack, headband…anything! I made all different colors and sold them at a market!

Felt Dahlias



Pin #5: Scrapbook Paper Photo Frames

I actually used these as a MOPS craft, since I’m the “Creative Activities Director” for our local chapter. All of the moms loved making these! We just bought frames from Dollar Tree, and used patterned papers and mod podge to decorate them.




Pin #6: Alphabet Art

I made one of these for my son Jack. Here is the original picture, and a picture of how mine turned out.

Alphabet Art


J is for Jack



Pin #7: Birthday Picture with Facts

I totally made a super cute one of these for Jack’s 2nd birthday…and I feel like the worst mom EVER because I can’t find it on my computer for the life of me! I hope I still have it somewhere…yikes.





Pin #8: Keeping Track of Doses via the Medicine Bottle

This is something that I saw on Pinterest and HAD to do because I always forget if I’ve already taken/given doses or not…so this totally helped me.




Pin #9: Questions to Ask Your Kid

I must admit, this is fun to do…because you definitely get some funny & creative answers! 🙂

Some of Jack’s answers are as follows:
1. “I love you”
2. “When I snuggle with you and give you hugs & kisses and love you. That’s good stuff.”
4. “By tickling me!”
11. “Making good food for me & Daddy!”
14. “Salad”
15. “Play nice with me and fight me nice” (He adores anything to do with sword-fighting!)
17. “Fight together”
19. “Because you have red hair and I have gold hair”
20. “Because you always treat me nice.”
21. “Royal Palm!” (Thai food)




Pin #10: Scented Toilet Paper Tube

I put TeaTree oil in my toilet paper tube, because that’s all I had on hand. It worked for a little while, but didn’t really last too long. I would try it again though…

Toilet Paper Tube



Pin #11: To-Do List (fancy-printed-version!)

I make TONS of lists…I love lists. So when I saw this snazzy printable, I tried it out. I definitely liked it, but I guess it’s just too much work to always print out a to-do list…when I could just grab a piece of paper off of my refrigerator pad or the nearest sticky note pad. I didn’t use these print-outs for too long, I reverted back to random scraps of paper. However, I did like the little spot where you could cross off the glasses of water as you drank them…since I barely ever manage to drink all the water that I’m supposed to drink each day.




Pin #12: Light Cave

I made this cave for my son one Christmas and it was a hit to everyone that saw it! And it’s SO easy…just poke Christmas lights through the top of a big box! What a fun place for kids!


Light Cave



Pin #13: Scrap TuTu

I made one of these for my niece for Christmas. I used her favorite colors, pink & purple, with zebra stripes thrown in too, because she loves everything zebra striped! My first attempt didn’t turn out too well, but it wasn’t awful. I would try it again! 🙂





Pin #14: 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins

These turned out pretty tasty and moist, and they are the simplest things ever to make! I added some cute little pumpkins to the top for festive-ness! 🙂





Pin #15: No Bake Energy Bites

These are super yummy, and I’ve found that if you add almond meal and almond butter in place of the flaxseed and peanut butter, they taste like little marzipan bites! YUM!




Pin #16: Fruit Salad with a “secret” ingredient: Vanilla Pudding!

I tried this pin because I love fruit salad and this looked pretty good. You use all of your normal fruits, plus a can of pineapple and a can of peaches…but you don’t drain the canned fruit first! The juices mix with a pack of instant vanilla pudding that you pour into the salad, and it creates a yummy sauce! I brought this to a church potluck and people seemed to like it! I even had some people ask me what I hd put in it! 🙂

Fruit Salad



Pin #17: Poached Eggs in Ham Cups

I have to admit, Pinterest is not the first place I saw these. Me and my husband went to a fancy brunch and he ordered these, and I fell in love with them. So then I went online and pinned a recipe for them so that I wouldn’t forget about them. Now they’re a regular breakfast item that I make for my family and friends. I switch it up by using prosciutto sometimes too.

Ham Cups



Pin #18: Frozen Yogurt Drops

I made these as a healthy snack for my son and he loved them. I’ve made them a few times now, using all different flavors of regular yogurt and greek yogurt. They’re like a little treat!

FroYo Drops



Pin #19: Berry Letter Wreath

I LOVE these letters! My cousin actually found this on Pinterest and suggested that I make them with her. We made one together and I just kept on going! I made letters for some of my family members for Christmas gifts, made the word “JOY” to hang in my house, and a bunch of random letters to sell at the Christmas Market. They are so pretty and festive! The picture I’m posting is of my very first one, though I can honestly say that each one that I made got better and better! 🙂

Berry Letter




Pin #20: Melted Chocolate Cupcake Toppers

In theory, this looked super easy…and looked like a fun way to make cupcakes look waaaaaaay more special. In reality, it was hard for me to get the melted chocolate to the right consistency where it wouldn’t get all runny when I tried to make letters and shapes with it. So needless to say, I will have to try this one again, because my first attempt didn’t work. At All. 




So there you have it! 20 Pins that I’ve actually attempted! I’ve actually done more than 20 I’m sure, but this post is already super long and I’m about to embark on a Pinterest “journey” anyway, so there will be many more posts about my Pinterest Pins in the near future! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the pins I’ve completed…because I’ve had a lot of fun trying them out!



July 17, 2013. Pinterest Challenge.

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