Free Fun For Kids – at Barnes & Noble!

I spend so much time at Barnes & Noble. Not because I love books (which I do), but because it’s the perfect place to bring toddlers when you’re bored and don’t have much money to do anything else. Jack absolutely loves when I tell him we’re going to Barnes & Noble (which he calls “Barnes & Oval) because he knows that he’ll get to play with the train table, read books, find hidden pictures (he loves I-Spy type of books), interact with other kids, and play with all of the toys in the kids section. The Silverdale location recently updated the store to include many more exciting things for the kiddos: a block table to build things, a coloring table, and even a kids Nook area where Jack can sit on a stool and play on the “Nook Color” to his hearts content. The tablet will read books to him and let him play all sorts of games. (Jack takes after Brady in the electronics department – he’s a whiz!)

Meanwhile, I can sit and peruse through all of the books and magazines that tickle my fancy.

Barnes & Noble is a perfect, free place to let your kids have some good quality fun. It’s always a good idea to let children be surrounded by books. If you go on Wednesday evenings, they even offer “Juice and Jammies” time – where kids sit cozy in their pajamas and a staff member reads kids a story and pours them each a cup of Nantucket Nectars juice.

September 2, 2012. Jack.

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  1. Brandy replied:

    My stinky loves going there too!

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