Listography: Things I Love About My Husband

Today is my 1st Anniversary! Me and my husband have only been married for one year, but we’ve been together for almost 7 years. The first year of marriage is hard, but wonderful. Being a wife is definitely a huge blessing and I love knowing that I have a partner for life who I can trust and give all my love to. I don’t have to worry about the dating game anymore, I have someone who loves me 100% and wants to share their life with me. God sure has smiled upon me!

Don’t get me wrong…my husband can drive me bonkers sometimes. But what man doesn’t drive a woman crazy at times? Like when he leaves his dirty clothes a foot away from the hamper…hmm…but my husband has so many good qualities, it outweighs any of those minor quirks!

Since the first anniversary is the “paper” anniversary, I’m going to make this blog post for my hubby with a list of things that I adore about him and then print it out and give it to him – or wrap his present with it. ūüôā

So without further adieu, here are just some of the things that I love about Brady:

* He’s handsome. Long hair or short, scruffy beard or baby face, he’s just a good-lookin’ man.

* He’s a loving father to Jack. He tells Jack how smart, cute, and loved he is every day. In the mornings he asks Jack, “Did you wake up on the handsome side of the bed today?” He sits on the floor and plays with him, and is proud of everything Jack does.

* He doesn’t have a hard time saying sorry. Unlike¬†me some people. If he does something wrong, says the wrong thing, or unintentionally hurts my feelings, he always looks me in the eye and says he’s sorry – and means it.

* He’s forgiving. And sometimes I need a lot of forgiveness.

* He researches everything extensively and learns all about things before he buys them. Before he bought my engagement ring he learned all about diamonds – about grades, clarity, etc. and searched for the perfect one. It may not be the biggest, but it is the highest quality. I told him that he could’ve spent a lot less money and I would still be happy, but he wanted me to have a good one that would last my whole life. Which leads me to my next thing…

* He’s a perfectionist when it comes to things that matter.

* He loves living for God and doing the right thing always. He prays for us before each meal, he loves tithing, he’s honest, and he looks forward to church every Sunday (and any study groups we get involved in).

* He sets a good example for our son and wants to raise Jack up the best possible way. He doesn’t swear, doesn’t let us fight in front of Jack, and showers me and Jack with affection.

* He’s not afraid to sing along to all of the songs on Jack’s preschool shows. In fact, I often catch him singing some of the songs throughout the day – even if the show isn’t on. Catchy little tunes…haha!

* He is the most generous person I’ve ever met. When I first me him, he told me that if he had one penny to his name, but I needed it, he would give it to me. He has no problem treating his friends to meals, drinks, and good times. He’s generous with everyone. Money doesn’t rule over him, and I love that.

* He never gets lost. He has a compass built into his nose. He’s like a human map – he can always tell you which direction is which, and how to get anywhere. More often than not, he can also lead you down the “road less travelled” and show you short-cuts and paths with better scenery.

* He’s a grill master. He loves to get the charcoal burning and cook up steaks, kabobs, asparagus, avocado, or whatever else tickles his fancy. He’s very good at it too, everything always tastes amazing.

* He loves to try out new ethnic foods. I can always count on him to try out interesting foods with me. He also likes everything that I cook at home – even if it turns out strange.

* He’s sensitive and isn’t afraid to cry. He can always open up to me and let me know how he’s feeling.

* He’s nice to me even when I don’t deserve it.

* He is always concerned about me and my well-being. He puts me first.

* He’s supportive of my hobbies, crafts, and interests. He loves all of my creations and pushes me to sell them and show them off.

* He likes to host with me. Brady loves that I like to play hostess and throw get-togethers, he jumps right in and helps me, and gets excited about it.

* He’s savvy with electronics and technology. If I have any questions about anything electric, I just have to ask my husband!

* He loves to travel with me. If we had money, we would travel the world together and have all sorts of unique adventures. He loves travelling the way that I do – with just a backpack. We stay in hostels, do everything the way that the locals do, and submerge ourselves in the culture. No fancy Americanized tourist resorts for us – if you’re gonna do that, you may as well just stay in America.

* He loves horticulture. He loves growing plants and trees. He’s currently into growing¬†bonsai¬†trees and he made me one with the trunk shaped like a heart. ‚̧

* He kisses me goodnight every single night and tells me how much he loves me every single day. He also never fails to tell me how beautiful I am, even when I don’t feel beautiful.

* He has random knowledge about¬†everything. One time I was all excited because I just learned about the Statue of Liberty – that it is the color that is is today because the copper oxidized. When I told him about this, he already knew all about oxidized copper, so I couldn’t even impress him! Haha – this is basically how it goes every time I learn something new.

* He loves his family so much. Brady has a large family and they are all very close, and he gets sentimental when he talks about them. He especially loves his nieces and nephew.

* He has extreme patience with me – even when I push him to the limit sometimes.

* He will always be there for me through good times and bad, no matter what. I know this with 100% confidence.

* He has seen my good sides and my bad sides and he loves me anyway.

* All of the little details that make him who he is – he is just perfect for me! We have so many of the same interests and we have fun together every day.

Happy Anniversary Brady, I love you!
Love Your Wife

June 5, 2012. Listography, Married Life.


  1. Roger Rauth replied:

    Wow! I feel like I just got to really know Brady so much better by reading this and now I like him even more!!! I’m so happy that you both have each other! Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with many, many, happy years together and may you grow closer together with each passing year!!

    • Sharla Rauth replied:

      That was me…Auntie Sharla! Love you both!!

  2. Mom replied:

    Awww Nikki, you’re so good at this; what a loving tribute to your husband. And I as your mom and his “wicked mother-in-law” think he’s a pretty special guy that can handle my strong-willed redhead!! I love you both so much and wish you a happy anniversary and many, many, many more!!!

  3. Melissa @ The Inspired Room replied:

    Such a sweet tribute!!! Loved it! Happy anniversary!

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