Mantle Love

I looked at my husband tonight and I told him “I love our mantle so much. In any future homes that we have, we have to have a mantle. I’ve never had one in my life before and now that I have one I can’t live without it.”

šŸ™‚ Silly, right? I have completely fallen in love with our mantle.

I also love all of the trim in our house. I love the fancy shaped trim-lined mirror above the fireplace. I love all the little details of our 1920’s cottage. It’s old-fashioned and charming. But my favorite thing is the mantle. I decorate it different for each holiday and during the rest of the year I have candles and pictures on it.

This is my mantle:

In honor of mantles, I’m posting some that I like.





April 23, 2012. Married Life.


  1. gellybelly replied:

    I love the two last ones you posted! Yours is awesome too though. I do like when for each holiday you have your mantle decked out a different style! I have always told you the trim and moldings in your house are ridiculously awesome.. So glad you love it too!

  2. Mom replied:

    I think that’s neat too; I’ve always liked big mantles and when we were in Connecticut there were some awesome ones we saw in our travels; do you remember the Christmas ones at Mystic?

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