Spring Fever!

I don’t know about you, but snow in March??? WOW! Spring is definitely taking its sweet time getting here this year. But that just means that we’ll all be even more ready for it when it finally makes an appearance. I can’t wait to get out all of my cute clothes for the warmer weather, have BBQs, maybe even have a garage sale, and take Jack for walks to the park on a more regular basis. Until then, I’ve been staying inside – cleaning my house (Spring Cleaning time!) and decorating for Easter.

Growing up, Easter was always one of my very favorite holidays. I love Jesus, and I love Easter Egg Hunts! Plus my mom always made a big delicious dinner and we all got dressed up in our Easter dresses and had good quality time together. Ah the memories. Now I have a little boy that I get to do all of this fun stuff for! I’m so blessed.

Unfortunately for me, all of my Easter decorations are packed away right now, in a tub on the bottom of a pile in the basement. Since I don’t feel like digging it out (and yet I still wanted our home to look somewhat ready for Easter), I went to the store and just bought a few little decorations. Next year I promise that I’m going to go all out with my entire collection of decor! 🙂

I bought some miniature carrot ornaments and miniature egg ornaments, along with window clings (I love those things). Now where on earth do I hang all of these cute mini ornaments? I don’t have one of those small Easter Trees (although I want to get one someday) so I went out into our front yard and sawed off a neat branch from our tree. Then I mounted the branch onto our living room wall and voila! I had a place to hang my ornaments, and it looks beautiful!

The Branch (before decorating):

And After!

Decorated Branch

Aren’t these little carrots just too adorable?

I still had a lot of leftover egg ornaments, so I decided to make a short garland to string in one of the doorways. Here’s how that turned out.

Here’s the mantel – with the remaining eggs and some of the window clings.

I always put window clings all around the house. They just add a nice pop of color to the windows, and I want Jack to live in a fun, festive, colorful environment. I want the holidays to be special in every way. In fact, the front door is always designated as “Jack’s Door” when it comes to the clings. I always buy a sheet of fun kiddie-style clings for his door. This time the door features little bunnies painting eggs. This is a fun way to get Jack involved in the decorating process, letting him have a door to decorate with clings. (The clings are hard to see in these pictures – sorry.)

In the kitchen I added some beautiful religious clings.

Here’s one of my kitchen windows.

The only thing I need in my house now is a beautiful cross to hang on the wall. I’ve been looking around online to find one that I love. Here’s a couple that I want to get (not just for Easter, but for all year round):

Happy Easter everyone! May God bless your families and homes this season!

March 28, 2012. Holidays.


  1. Mom replied:

    It looks beautiful Mauschen, and it’s so good you decorate for all the holidays. Jack will always have good memories from you too!

  2. gellybelly replied:

    I say you shoulda got into your Easter box anyways! 😉 But you did awesome for “making do” with a few impromptu decorations! You are so creative with the branch, its a great way to get that rustic/nature feel into your home! And I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your house and all it’s character! The beautiful kitchen swing-open windows, the glass on the front door, the hardwood floors and all the trim! I’m jealous.
    PS, I think a non-easter year-round cross would look great in any home. Good luck finding one that is perfect for you! I’m sure it’s out there!

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