Cookie Day 2011

Every year in our family we have an annual “Cookie Day” – usually the weekend before Christmas. My sister, some of my cousins, and myself all get together at my mom’s house on a Friday night and have a sleepover. On that night, we bake and decorate sugar cookies to get us all in the spirit. Then we wake up early Saturday morning and bake from sunrise to sundown! We bake over a thousand Christmas cookies and then at the end of the night we divide them all up onto several platters and each of us take a tray of cookies home and take some extras to give away. We try to bake cookies that have splashes of red and green in them, to give the trays some Christmas colors…otherwise the trays would just be all that drab brown cookie shade! This year we made approximately 1,000 cookies, that’s over 83 dozen cookies of all different flavors, shapes, and sizes.

Here’s our ingredient table with all of our chips, extracts, and other add-ins:

This year was Jack’s first year to get to actively participate in “Sugar Cookie Night” – he got to decorate a cookie all by himself, and boy was he happy about it! 🙂

Each of us girls have some “set” cookies that we make every year, our own signature Cookie Day Cookies. And then we each have some that we switch up each year. All year long we clip and save recipes that we think would be fun to try on Cookie Day. Here are a couple random shots of Holly and Gelly working on their creations:

When we are all finished baking and the last cookie tray has come out of the oven and put onto the official cookie table (we actually have had to expand to 2 tables to fit all of our cookies – and sometimes even the seats of the chairs!) we do the official “cookie count” to see how many we made that year. Nobody is allowed to eat any cookies until the count has been completed. Throughout the day, the only cookies that people get to “taste-test” are the cookies that have somehow gotten broken or crumbled, or otherwise ruined! We girls take our cookies seriously! haha 🙂

After we count the cookies, we take our pictures of the table and then start loading up the trays – usually with about 2 of each kind of cookie. We always have so many trays of cookies, sometimes it’s hard to find enough families to give them to! But no matter what, they all get eaten by the time the week’s over! 🙂

This table is always the first table that we fill up:

Now time to assemble the trays and pass them out!

Cookie Day 2011 is complete! We can’t wait ’til next Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

Just for giggles, here are our pictures from the previous two years, 2009 and 2010:

February 16, 2012. Baking Adventures, Holidays.

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