Jack’s First HappyMeal

So I always said that I would never let my son eat McDonald’s…I mean, I don’t want to get him hooked on un-healthy french fries and all that stuff. Well whatever I said back then has now flown out the window. I still don’t let Jack eat McDonald’s a lot, but every once in awhile isn’t bad. It’s my fault really, because I noticed that the happy meals were featuring Smurf toys, and well, I really wanted a smurf. So I ordered Jack his first happy meal. It actually was a lot healthier than I thought. I swapped out the french fries for apple slices, and ordered milk instead of a juice or soft drink. The only fatty food was the box of chicken nuggets, which Jack only ate one of those anyway.

Being his first time having a happy meal, I was so excited to give Jack the toy and show him what happy meals were all about, that I made the mistake of giving him the smurf before he ate the food. So of course he then had no interest in eating. Between the smurf and the McDonald’s playplace, all hope of getting Jack to eat was lost. Oh well, he had a lot of fun playing, and I got to take pictures of his very first happy meal experience. Of course Brady thought I was silly to take pictures of a happy meal…but I just like to capture every “special” moment! 🙂

The first Smurf Jack got was the gardener, and then of course I went up to the counter and bought 2 more Smurfs individually…We can’t bring only ONE Smurf home. He would be lonely.

August 29, 2011. Jack.

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